YoungBuzz Testimonials - Professional Career Counseling

Garodia's Academy

Dear Ms. Kapasi,

I would like to express our appreciation for the workshop you conducted on Positive Attitude, Stress Management, Class Management and Emotional intelligence for our teachers.

The workshops were well received. We are look forward to being associated with you in future too.

Thanking you.

Ms. Sonam Shah


Career Test- Mr. Vijay Kamat  - (Student) Kelkar College of Commerce

I take this opportunity to present my heartfelt thanks to my counselor at YoungBuzz. She first erased the fear in my mind about the low marks I was expecting. I was relieved when she pointed out the options available to me. I left YoungBuzz office with atleast 5 options in my hand. After my results she not only guided me to choose the right stream but also helped me plan my career. I am now in my second year of B.com and my vision about my career path is crystal clear. Career guidance has helped me and I hope everyone take it while they await their 10th standard results.

Career Test  - D'silva Gratian  (Parent)

Thanks a million, You people are really professional. Keep it up. The career test and excellent and the report was to the point and the counseling helped my child get a clear vision of his career path.

Career Test- Nikhil Rastogi (Student)

First of all I would like to say thank you so MUCH. I loved your report and that I could get down to finding a SOLUTION TO MY PROB. THANK YOU IT REALLY MEANS A LOT TO ME. I'm Indebted. Finally I am able to Be sure of my career!! Thank god… so glad saw the youngbuzz ad!!

Career Test – Shilpa Reddy  - (Student) Welingkars (Mumbai)

I was so confused. I was confused all along my college days and had completed my B.Sc in silence. Seeing my friends take up biotechnology, medicine and other fields. I should have come to youngbuzz earlier. I was very disappointed with my career path when i came to youngbuzz. But from the day i returned i am confidant. I know what i want. I know i made a small mistake but it can be easily rectified. Youngbuzz counseled me, understood my preferences, made me give a career test....and lo and behold like a magic wand presented 3 options to me. And here i was thinking i had no option....thank you youngbuzz for reinstalling the confidence in me....u guys rock!!!!

Career Test– Abhishek Nair  - (Student) St. Xaviers (Mumbai)

What to say? What to write? Thanking youngbuzz is like saying thankyou to a family member. I am so glad that i approached youngbuzz while i was waiting for my ssc results. I was a nervous wreck and was very sure that i would be the only one in Mumbai who would not get admission because my marks were the lowest. After my API test when you guys told me, I could be this, this and that...i felt as if i am waking up from some deep slumber? I remember wondering that I may not only get admission but i will also get a chance to choose my career path...you guys are wonderful..and i am not saying anymore thankyous. Coz i know what you will say...as always you will say...” we were just doing our jobs”. Well let me tell you...you guys are doing a world of good...only people like me will understand that....

Career Test – Bhavika Khant  - (Student) SNDT (Mumbai)

I was confused about my choice of a career. I approached youngbuzz as some of my friends had been there and were happy with the outcome. I had to take a  career test and based on that I was advised to choose homescience after my 10th.  My counsellor was very friendly and like a sister to me. I am happy i took her advice. Today I am on way to be a Nutritionist....and I am happy I met youngbuzz counsellor.


Admission Counseling – Rohan Thakkar  - (Student) (Mumbai)

Last year, I failed to get admission in the college of my choice. I was broken hearted. My marks were low and i didn’t know what to do. My friend suggested I take admission counselling from an expert. My worries were laid to rest by the counsellor. Their expert guidance helped me secure admission in a college that was as good as the one I was expecting to get into. Thank you youngbuzz for all the assistance.


Study Abroad – Shefali Chauhan (Student) - MA Advertising Design Management - Southampton University - UK

I have always wanted to pursue a career in Advertising. I was unsure of the university that would be best for me. However youngbuzz solved all my problems. Not only did you guys choose the university for me but you also helped me with the application process. There aren’t enough words to thank you for all that you guys did for me. Thank you...


Study Abroad – (Rajbir Singh) - Masters in Software Engineering- George Mason University – USA

My visit to youngbuzz was one of the most inspiring moments in my life. I thought i knew myself. Youngbuzz opened my eyes to a new ME. My counsellor helped me get admission in a college that provided courses which would better my career prospects. I could never have done this alone. Its easy to fill up applications online to different universities all over the globe. But the expert counselling one receives when you meet a youngbuzz counsellor is unparalled to any information on any websites. Its a special personal touch....thank you youngbuzz.....you guys are a much needed force in todays education scenario