10 Things to Remember on Day 1 of College

This is as exciting as your first date. Months of waiting have come to an end, and you are all set to become a college-goer. Listed below are the 10 most important things to keep in mind on your first day of college:



  1. Dress Well: It is advisable to be a little careful about your dressing for the first day of college. After all, first impressions do matter, don’t they? Depending on the kind of environment in your college, choose something attractive but at the same time ensure that it does not make you feel out of place. Accessorize your dress with the right but comfortable shoes, and a handbag/backpack to match. Style your hair accordingly, and you are ready to hit the campus!
  2. Be Punctual: Make sure you are on time for your first day. Rushing in hassled after class starts and attracting everyone’s attention as a late comer would not exactly be a great start. So, plan your schedule well to reach ahead of time and settle in on your first day.
  3. Be Confident: Being under confident and shy might put off people, so bring forth your confidence in your interactions. However, remember not to be over confident either.
  4. Socialize: Talk to people around you and try to make new friends on the first day itself. Find people with similar interests so that you have common topics to talk about.
  5. Talk to your Professors: Interact with your professors and participate in class. Making an effort in the very beginning will help you build a rapport with your teachers.
  6. Remember Your Manners:  Do not forget to be courteous, be friendly and do not try to brag. In an effort to be noticed, take care not to come across as over bearing.
  7. Find Out About Student Activities: Ask around and try to find out about the clubs and activities your college has, so that you can choose and join few. By doing this, you will not only be involved in something you love in the future, but will also get to know many more like-minded people.
  8. Know your Campus and Area: In your breaks, try exploring the campus and the area around so you know where exactly to go when you need something. You can also talk to your seniors to help you in this.
  9. Keep an Open Mind: As college is going to be an entirely new experience, do not be too rigid and be open to changes. Even if the seniors indulge in a bit of ragging, being a sport is often the best way out.
  10. Do Not Be Nervous: If you are one of those who need time settling in, it’s perfectly okay. Do not worry and spoil your first day of college. Remember to be yourself, and you’ll do just fine.