An animation studio - How it works?

An animation studio is not just a place where you draw cartoons and make films out of them. In fact a majority of our work is creating commercials and promos for TV channels. We use a variety of animation techniques beyond classical animation such as Clay Animation and even 2-D and 3-D computer animation to get the desired results. We also make use of editing and sound recording facilities.

I have separate teams working on different projects at any given point in time. Each team usually consists of visualisers, who come up with creative concepts and designers or animators who actually convert that idea into the final product. Besides these, there are co-ordinators who liaison between the team and the client ensuring that the client get what he wants. So you see every project is a team effort, which requires every individual to bring new ideas to the table. That is how we add value to our products.
An average day comprises of meetings, meetings and more meetings. That is the common denominator of my average day. It could be a discussion on a script or storyboard of a commercial or a brainstorming session with a client or just a simple thing as requisition of advanced animation software.

As far as the technology, skill and expertise are concerned, we are not that far behind from Hollywood. What we lack is the finances to make all of our ideas come to life. Animated films do not have too many takers in India. But definitely the future is bright. In fact I see India becoming a major export house as far as animation is concerned.

As the head honcho, I need to be aware of the on-goings in each department. Mind you, I still am in touch with the animator in me and never loose any opportunity to work hands on.