Are you suffering from Anxiety?

Do you often feel so anxious and unnerved that it interferes with your normal daily activities? Do you easily get irritable? Are you often in a pessimistic or bad mood? Do thoughts of something bad is going to happen plaque you? Do you need to be constantly reassured?

If you, or a friend has some or many of these symptoms it may be worth talking to your doctor, a clinical psychologist or a counsellor about ways to reduce anxiety. Anxiety can affect just about everything you do, from how you relate to your family and kids, how you sleep at night, and how well you perform your job.

Walk the Talk
Bottling all your anxieties and fears is a complete no-no and will only increase your anxiety levels. Try and get hold of a friend who will empathise rather than sympathise with you. If possible go for a walk and express what you feel. Sometime we just unnecessarily worry.

Get your thoughts right
Sometimes it’s also important to focus on the facts and not your feelings. As your feelings are influenced by the way you think. Try and look at things from a positive side. Maybe one thing may not be working out right for you, but don’t forget about the 100 others that are! So the next time you start to feel yourself in a bad mood try to take a step back and analyze what you are feeling and thinking. The more you do this, the more you will realize how trivial some of the things you worry about are.

Face your fears
In your minds view create a picture of you in the middle of your fears and you facing them bravely and emerging a winner. By doing this you will get used to the idea of confronting your irrational fears. Never push your fears away. Learn to accept them as a part of your growing process. Always reassure yourself that things will be fine and that when the bridge comes, you will cross it.

Another way to beat this feeling of anxiety is to get on the treadmill and channel the energies elsewhere.

Joining Yoga or Tai chi classes will help you overcome your fears rationally. Also try breathing exercises and imagine that you are breathing out the negative energies and breathing in cool positive energies.

Get Real
Maybe your goals/ideas are too idealistic and out of reach making you feel anxious. Set gradual, progressive goals. Also remember never to compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with yourself only and see that you are living up to your own best expectations for yourself.

A poem about Anxiety

Annabel loo was feeling blue; she asked herself, what should I do? Something feels a little bad, how do I fix this feeling sad?

She told herself I need to see exactly what is bothering me so she thought and thought through all her fears and the big world blurred from all her tears.

With tissues piled on either side Annabel sighed, I’m glad I cried. Now I’ve fixed whatever was wrong. Now the sadness should be gone so she sat down and looked inside... HOLY COW! it was bigger now.

But Annabel was one tough pup she told herself I won't give up. I’ll tell my friends I’m feeling blue, I’m sure that they'll know what to do.

Simon said, things, they aren't so sad. Sam said, your life isn’t half bad. The other day at burger king, my brother puked an onion ring. Annabel said, that's rough, Sam-man. But inside she thought, this was a bad plan.

Then, Annabel was not just sad; now add to sad, she felt quite bad. The past two plans didn't work at all, and still remained the sadness flaw.

I hate this horrible sticky sadness,  the feeling badness. This must be madness.

If everyone said I should be happy, maybe the problem is all just me.

And then the sadness got much worse, for Annabel had cast a curse. Sadness and blueness are tough to bout, but they're nothing compared to the worst, self-doubt.

Now, on top of feeling blue, Annabel is sad, feels bad, thinks she's mad, WHAT TO DO?

Some of us can sit through sadness, but others, this can drive to madness.

What’s the difference between these two? Is it just that some people don't feel blue?
No, you silly, it's what you do when a bit of blueness falls on you.

There is a myth that goes like this every moment should be filled with happiness. The truth is there isn't always a cure sometimes we simply have to endure.

So if you're having a miserable day, be a grump, feel that way. Just feel the way you need to feel, the truth is it's just no big deal.

(This poem has been extracted from www.healthyplace.com)

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