B.E in Marine Engineering
To keep a ship moving all the time out on the high seas falls in the gamut of the Marine Engineer on board a ship. It is no mean achievement to carry out this job given the harsh conditions at sea with the vagaries of the weather. Working on a stable platform on solid ground it is easy to maintain and run machinery. But with the ship rolling forty degrees on either side it becomes a herculean task to run the main engine of a massive ship. The Marine Engineer needs to be proficient in the areas of Electronics Electrical Mechanical Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineering. He has per force to be very careful not to pollute the Marine environment. This demands a very high calibre of Marine Engineer who wishes to go to sea. The skills acquired on board a ship as a Marine engineer stand him in good stead whenever he or she wishes to branch off into the shore sector of the shipping Industry. He or She can literally merge into any Industry ashore after having spent around ten years on board ships as a Marine Engineer. The Highest Rank that Marine Engineers can expect to attain on board A Merchant Ship is that of Chief Engineer of A Ship. To be employed as a Marine Engineer on board Merchant ships it is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Competency under the regulations in force.