The Big Move

Most students have to experience this period in life. Here are few tips to help you make it a smoother sailing

Some swear by it, while others detest even the idea of it. But, love it or hate it– you definitely cannot ignore the fact that hostel life is a major part of a student’s life. Most students will agree that this is one must-have experience for all students, whether during school or higher studies.

A sense of insecurity, nervousness and fear of the unknown are common emotions that students go through at such a time. This can be especially true for those who are about to experience hostel life for the first time. Moving away from the comfortable confines of one’s home and staying alone can indeed seem daunting. Add to that the possibility of being stuck with a not-so-compatible roommate.

These are few tips that might help you deal with life in a hostel:

·         Talk to your roommate to find out common likes and dislikes

·         Right at the beginning, chalk out plans and guidelines about daily activities. Remember that the most minute of things can create big arguments. Therefore, it is always better to work out a simple plan. This can include things such as:

Ø  Who takes a bath at what time

Ø  Common expenses

Ø  Borrowing of items-what can be and cannot be borrowed

Ø  Study times

Ø  Sleep timings

Ø  How often to have parties/friends visiting

Ø  Cleaning the room

·         Being roommates can create differences even between the closest of friends. Make sure to talk out your differences, rather than backbiting or gossiping about it. This will not only clear the issue at hand, but also increase communication between you

·         Although everyone indulges in a bit of rule-breaking, try to not violate any rule in a major way as this might lead to suspension or even expulsion from the hostel

·         Try to think about how your actions will affect your roommate. Sometimes, what might seem like a harmless action to you might be the reason behind his/her sullen mood



You cannot throw tantrums at a hostel, unlike at home.

It is essential to respect each other’s privacy and provide the required space.

If you feel that you are not being able to handle a particular issue or it is getting too uncomfortable (for example, a drinking habit), talk to your warden or supervisor about it. Do not try to take actions to mend your roommate’s ways as that might boomerang.

All said and done, make the most of these days as it is bound to be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.