Bittu Sehgal, Environmentalist and Editor of Sanctuary magazine – His Story

Bittu Sahgal believes there is an environmentalist is each one of us. In a candid interview, he talks about his project 'Save the Tiger' and other issues close to his heart.

A B.Com graduate he learned about natural history and environmental issues in the process of defending species and habitats over the years.

His interests in environmental issues - I used to take holidays in sanctuaries and national parks, rather than hill stations. When these areas began to be attacked and destroyed, I started to defend them and one thing led to another. Key individuals like Dr Salim Ali, the famous birdman and Mr Kailash Sankhala, the first Director of Project Tiger were great influences in my life.

The Birth of the Sanctuary - It started as a promise to a man called Fateh Singh Rathore, who as the Director of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve suggested to me that city people generally come to wild places and then forget about it in the city. When I asked what I could do specifically to help him he replied, "Start a wildlife magazine. So that city people learn to appreciate wildlife and do less damage!" That was December 31, 1980. Sanctuary was born exactly ten months later.