Make an Informed choice of stream after X

With results around the bend you probably must be wondering which field to follow- Arts, Science, Commerce or a Vocational course. Making a career decision right after Xth is not an easy decision. Are you confused whether you should follow your heart or choose a career that suits your family? Are you anxious about your options available, if you don’t get into the college or stream you want? Are you confused which subjects would be the best to choose? Firstly, take heart you are not alone. Thousands of students share the same feeling and not to mention the millions who shared the same feeling sometime in their life. Follow the below mentioned steps to make an Informed Choice.

STEP 1: Test your Aptitude and Personality?

Confused about which field to choose, Youngbuzz Career Guidance Company stresses on the point that if you want to be happy in your career, you need to find a career that suits your personality, matches your interest and is in sync with your aptitude. To identify your best field it is suggested you do a Self assessment test or visit a career guidance workshop.

• Self-assessment is a process by which you learn more about yourself. Make a list of what you like, what you don't like, and how you tend to react to certain situations. Be honest with yourself, and you will begin to have a good idea of the type of stream and subsequent careers that may or may not work for you.

• Psychometric tests or a Career Guidance Workshop can give you good information on your personality, interest and aptitude on which you can base your Decision Making.

The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to make the right choices – it's an interesting and enjoyable journey.

STEP 2: What are the fields available?

Traditionally students took up Arts, Science or Commerce directly after X. Today, however students can opt for Vocational, Diploma in Engineering & technology & other technical and certificate courses directly after X.

Arts Field

The Arts Field has traditionally been thought off for those with no interest in studying or poor results. But on the contrary, the arts field offers a wide range of opportunities for those with a streak of creativity. Are you good at communicating- written & spoken? Do you have good research and analyzing skills? Is patience & perseverance a part of your nature?

Arts essentially require a liking for human nature. It includes human surroundings, being social, ways of life, nature, psychology, development, and growth and more importantly an understanding of what they did or do as a way of life. It also includes the delving into research on past civilizations, their growth, thought processes and social evolutions.

Srividya Subramanian, career counselor at Youngbuzz advises “ The fields of English Literature, Psychology, Economics, Foreign Languages and History are in demand. So students should pick these subjects right after their X”

The best colleges in Mumbai for Arts in Mumbai are St. Xaviers, Jai Hind, Ruia and Sophia’s.

In the Arts steam you could also consider becoming an Anthropologist, Archeologist, Geopgrapher, PsychologistLinguist, Curator, Historian, Librarian, Sociologist, Population Scientist or Teacher.

Science Field

Science has been traditionally thought off for those with brains. True to an extent, if you are committed to rigorous studying and hard work, the science stream can quite frankly spoil you with options. Do you have strong analytical skills? Are you Objective, Systematic and Innovative in your thinking? Are you capable of putting in long hours of studying?

Science essentially requires a liking for science and all that the field has to offer. One needs to be attuned to mathematical theories and models to make the best of one’s work. You would also require to be a logical person, as one will be dealing with facts and figures throughout one’s life.

The subjects involved are mainly Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Geology, Statistics, and Economics etc. Srividya advises students wanting to pursue science “ Take up PCM if you want to pursue engineering after XII. If Medical is your calling, take up PCB and if you want to pursue any of the technology courses like Biotechnology, Nanatechnology or any B.Tech course, PCMB should be your choice of subjects”

The best colleges in Science in Mumbai are Ruparel, Ruia, Mithibai & SIES.

In the science field your other options include becoming an Astrophysicist, Microbiologist, Geologist, Chemist or Biochemist, Mathematician, Materials Scientist, statistician, Physicist and Oceanography. You could also be an agricultural Scientist,
Botanist, Food Technologist, Zoologist or Environmental Scientist. Your options are limitless. Up coming fields are Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Commerce Field

If you are good with numbers, ratios and everything related to money, the commerce stream could very well be your degree to a lucrative career. Do you live, think and talk in numbers? Do you solve mathematical problems in your sleep and arrive at possible solutions in your dreams? Do you like understanding a problem or a situation with lots of numbers and data rather than paragraphs and long pages of description in English? Are you analytical, precise and hard-working? Do you have peoples and communication skills? Are you good at Computers?

You will also need to have strong work ethics as major decisions will be based on the advice provided by you. To really succeed in the Financial Sector, it is advised to get a financial degree to back your quick promotion. However its not only a degree that can propel you forward. You need to be street smart, have good networking skills and hard working.

The subjects include Economics, Organization of Commerce, Book Keeping & Accountancy, Secretarial Practice, Mathematics & Statistics, etc. Srividya advises students wanting to take up Commerce as a stream “If you wish to pursue management in the future, the subject Math should be taken over SP”

The best commerce colleges in Mumbai are Podar, HR, NM and SIES.

Right from a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Cost and Work Accountant to an Economist, Banker, Stockbroker and Foreign Exchange Dealer, there are a host of careers from which one can choose once you get into the Commerce stream.

Other Streams

There are a host of vocational guidance courses like Horticulture, Animal Science & Dairying, Electrical Domestic Appliances, Food Technology, Computer Science etc which can be taken up directly after X. MCVC (Minimum Competency Vocational Course) courses too can be taken up directly after X like Banking, Office Management, Electronics, Travel & Tourism etc

A Diploma in Engineering and Technology can also be pursued directly after X. These include Automobile, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Construction Technology & Management, Electronics, Electronics & Communication etc among many.

If you are good with your hands and no inclination towards studying further then ITI and other technical diploma courses like Mechanic, Fitter, Turner, Secretarial Practice, Welder, Computer Hardware Maintenance, Knitting Tech etc can also be taken up.

There is an ocean of trade diploma’s and certificate courses available in the market. You just need to know what you want to do. Have a Mentor to guide you in the same.
Careers in Apparel Manufacturing & Design, Craft course in Food & Beverages service/ Food Production & Patisserie, Diploma in Furniture Technology & Interior Design, Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering, Diploma in Pottery & Ceramic Technology, Auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM), Multi - Rehabilitation Worker, Dairy Farming & Animal Husbandry, Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy, Certificate course in Hotel Management, Leather Footwear/Garments/Goods Manufacturing etc among many more.

Step 3: How do I choose a college?

After you are sure of the field you want to pursue, the next step involves making a choice of the college you wish to join. Srividya advises “First check the optional subjects available by the college. Secondly make a note of the eligibility criteria and time involved in traveling. It is also helpful to note the professional courses offered by the college after XII”

If your marks don’t suit the eligibility mark, looking elsewhere is your only good option. So keep your options open and find out from current or ex-students about the college and its activities.

Step 4: Vision your personality and subsequent career? (IF NEEDED ELSE CUT)

While there is no good or bad personality type, there are certain careers that suit one personality better than another. Mentioned below are few Personality types and the corresponding careers that match that type. Check and see which personality group you fall into.

Are you:

• Organised, Practical & Logical – You will do well as a Manager, Accountant, Engineer, Civil Aviation, Banker, Computer Programmer or Technician.
• Analytical, Neat, Eye for detail, Patient—you will do well as a Researcher in any field or a job which involves Statistics or Investigation. You can try your hand at Archaeology, Art Restoration, Chartered Accountancy and Detective Services.
• Kind, Helpful, Altruist– You should consider a career in Social work, Teaching, Judicial Law, Nursing, Customer service etc where you will be in a position to help others.
• Emphatic, Intuitive, Soft Spoken -- You can try your hands on counseling-family child or career, Nursing, Teaching or Writing.
• Ambitious, Extrovert, Innovative -- A career in television, radio and advertising is more likely to suit you. You will be good at public relations too.
• Philosophical, Imaginative, Skilled – You are more likely to be interested in painting, drama, psychology or music. Beauty and Hair Care might also suit your personality.
• Independent Likes to Lead and Delegate, Knowledgeable - You will do well where you are the head of the department or office, Editor of a newspaper or Politician.
• Creative, Visionary, Spontaneous – You can try your hand in Photography, Graphic arts and Fashion Designing. You could also be a very good chef, architect, interior designer or Film Maker.

• Go-getter, Optimistic, Street Smart -- You may need a challenging career to keep you interested like Sales, Stock Market & Investment, Travel and Tourism etc

Choosing the right stream right after X is of utmost importance as it determines the way you will perceive things for the rest of your life. To choose a steam, follow your heart and believe in the power of your dreams. To believe in the power of your dreams- remember the 4P’s - Purpose, Passion, Possibilities and Power. Have a purpose in life, and a dream will follow, dream this dream with passion in your heart and possibilities will open for you. Choose today to start believing in the magical power of wishing, hoping and dreaming.