Career in Air Hostess

A “career in air hostess” is one of the most popular career options at present. Chances of going to various places and high salaries are some of the reasons for its popularity. Many people have the wrong notion that a “career in air hostess” is a glamorous one. However, it is not so. This misconception stems from the fact that airhostesses generally look attractive and they are well paid. Salary is good in all the domestic airlines operating in India and it is better in international flights. However, it is not an easy job and requires stamina, courage, perseverance and good etiquettes.  

If you want to make a career as an air hostess, you should be aware of certain facts. You need to know that the duty of an airhostess starts much before take-off. You have to reach the airport an hour-and-a-half before check-in time and undergo briefing by the senior flight attendant. Briefing includes a basic lecture on safety, take-off and service procedures during the flight.    

Flight attendants often spend up to half of their working hours preparing the cabin for flight, writing reports and doing other related work on the ground. Flight attendants need to have excellent communication skills, tactful, well groomed and enjoy taking a methodical approach to their work. 

That's not all. If you want to make a career as an air hostess, you need to aware of security requirements too. An airhostess has to run a safety check on the aircraft. This includes testing safety equipment, life jackets, mikes, etc. Ensuring that pillows, blankets, books, food, plates, glasses, napkins and medicines are in stock is also part of the job. The final check includes making sure that the aircraft has been cleaned and is ready for boarding

If you want to make a career as an airhostess, you should be aware of the following eligibilities.

• Below 25 years 

• Graduate in any discipline 

• Diploma/degree in Hotel Management or Tourism Management is preferred. Prior experience in hotels or in the tourism industry will be the best for making a career as an air hostess.

• Knowledge of one foreign language other than English, Hindi or other regional languages. 

• Above 155 cm tall and the proportionate weight 

• Normal vision

• You have to be single

• Capacity to be on your feet for long hours 

• Well-modulated voice 

• Friendly and outgoing personality 

• Patience

To make a career as an air Hostess, you should possess the above qualities; you'll get a call for a written test from the airline. The test is fairly simple with multiple-choice objectives. After clearing the test, you'll then be called for a group discussion followed by a personal interview.