Career in Architecture

Designing houses, theatre halls, railway stations, multiplexes and commercial complexes are some of the works you will be engaged in if you want to opt for a career in architecture. However, design is only part of architecture. Once a design has been selected, as an architect, you will draft the final construction documents and oversee the actual construction.

If you want to make a career in architecture, you must understand the science behind the design, down to the strengths of various materials and the benefits and limitations of competing design. It will be your duty to make the buildings and constructions functionally useful and aesthetically wonderful.

A career in architecture can be quite rewarding and you can branch out into its various branches like-

Landscape Architecture: This is basically creating a green spot amidst a concrete jungle. You'll study topics like fundamentals of environmental awareness, small-scale site planning and principles of ecology, mainly abstract design and elementary graphic techniques.

Structural Architecture: You could be building bridges and the likes. It mainly involves the development of local infrastructures, residential and commercial sites, utility designs, transportation engineering, geographic information system and mapping. Those who want to make a career in architecture should understand that this branch of architecture can be very lucrative if you have the required expertise.

Feng Shui: It's the current passion among the rich and the famous. Feng Shui is about the design of an environment and the placement of objects within that environment. 

 If you want to opt for a career in architecture, you should be good at sketching. As an architect, you'll make realms and realms of drawings for approval. You also have to have a very good imagination. You should be able to think in three-dimensional figures.

For a career in architecture, you should have a keen sense for aesthetics and lots of creativity in your grey matter. Good mathematical and analytical abilities will also help. As an architect, you need to be detail oriented. You need to be excellent at project management, too, because in the process of designing and constructing a building, you'll need to work with a wide variety of consultants.

If you are interested in making a career in architecture, you can pursue a degree in Architecture directly after clearing your H.S.C with Mathematics or you could also consider a diploma. As an architect, you will be trained in environmental awareness, human behavior, problem solving and visual language skills, mainly drawing, painting, photography and the ability to explore and communicate ideas graphically.