Career in Artist

If you have a flair for doing artistic works and have a strong aesthetic sense too, a “career in artist” can be the right career option for you. “Career in artist” can be quite rewarding at present due to the commercialization of the same at present.

An artist is generally a person who is involved in fine arts like painting and sculpting.

Painting:It involves painting or sketching portraits, landscapes, scenery, still life, abstract design, murals, etc. The medium could be water colours, oil paints or even pastel colours charcoal and even computer paint programmes.

Sculpting:As an artist, you will use your hands to give shape to your thoughts. Material like stone, wood, clay, plaster of Paris or metals such as bronze will be your resources.

Besides the above two branches, one can make a career as an artist in the following two categories too.

Pottery: As an artist, you could also take up pottery and create designer pots. Many potters consider pottery as more of a lifestyle than a career even though they may have their wares located across the nation in specialty shops or art studios.

Commercial art: It is the application of various art media for commercial purposes like creating attractive illustrations for advertisements, displays, books, magazines, posters, packaging, etc. The extension of these arts to the industrial field translates to exhibitions, window displays, hoardings, technical catalogues, cinema slides, etc.

For a career as an artist, you need to have following qualities:

  • Talent
  • A strong desire to express your feelings in art form
  • Dedication
  • An eye for form
  • Ability to utilise colours
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Patience

In order to make a career as an artist, formal education was not required in olden days. However, formal training in this field has become the norm.
For a career as an artist, you can opt for a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA). It is a four-year degree programme segmented into two courses, namely Foundation course (1 year) and specialization course (3 years). Further professional study can be pursued through a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) usually spanning over two years. Eligibility for BFA is HSC. You can also have a degree or diploma in Visual Arts.
Diploma in Fine Arts is another option.
If you want to make a career as an artist, you can specialize in Commercial Art and better your chances of getting a job. To better your prospects you should also learn computer technologies used in commercial designs these days.