Career in Chef

A chef is a skilled professional who has the expertise of preparing various types of foods and beverages. If you wish to make a career in chef, you need to know that the food and beverage department of a hotel is thehub of the hotel industry and is responsible for all the food prepared and served in the hotel. Positions include that of Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Chef de Parties, Ballroom Manager, Bar Manager, Catering Manager, Food & Beverage Supervisor, etc.. Food production as a career is booming now. Therefore, career in chef can be quite rewarding.


Students who want to opt for a career in chef should be aware of the fact that the food and beverages industry is growing at a rapid pace and therefore the culinary industry too has grown in leaps and bounds. At present, chefs are required in various hotels and food outlets. An experienced chef can prepare not only popular dishes but also have the knack to prepare innovative ones that can give gastronomic delights to those who taste the same. Such trained chefs can become a celebrity and can easily earn good fortunes.

Job Prospects

If you are planning for a career in chef, you need to know that this field has many opportunities. Apart from working in hotels, restaurants, cafés, resorts, guesthouses and casinos, you could also be employed in the tourism industry, conference centers and large companies in various industries. The following are some of the job avenues for this particular field:


* Industrial canteens

* Merchant Navy and luxury ships in their catering departments

* Catering companies 

* Railways 

* Luxury cruise liners

Government owned catering departments like the railways, armed forces, ministerial conventions, etc. are some other options. You can also seek employment in guesthouses and forest lodges.


If you intend to make a career in chef, you also need to know the following eligibilities:

A bachelor’s degree in hotel management requires 10+2 as the minimum qualification.

If you want to get a diploma in food craft, you need to pass class X. The major subjects taught in this stream are food production and food service.
For degree programs in this field, The National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology conducts entrance examination 

Those who are planning for a career in chef should be aware that there are many institutes  that offer diploma courses in food production and food & beverage services. Students can work part time in some hotel or catering units as this will add much weight to their resume. In most professional culinary institutes, apprenticeship programs are included in their courses so that students can get hand-on experience of this field.

All these information will be very helpful for those who intend to make a career in chef.