Career in Commercial Pilot

Are you planning to make a career in commercial pilot? If so, you need to know that it is a job, which carries considerable charm, prestige, responsibility and risk. You will find yourself in different time zones, climates and cultures every day.

 Students who are planning to make a career in commercial pilot should be aware of the fact that a typical workday of a commercial pilot depends on the number of pilots a plane needs and whether you are flying international or domestic. A long day can last for as many as 12 hours. However, with international flights there could be no limits to your working hours. In any case, you will not be at the cockpit for more than 4 hours at a stretch.

If a career in commercial pilot is what you have chosen as your career option, you need to understand that as a commercial pilot, you will be flying different types of aircrafts right from a 16-seater small plane to 747 jumbo jets and airbuses.

As a commercial pilot you will be responsible for the safe run of the aircraft between destinations. You will also be responsible for the safety of the crewmembers, passengers and the aircraft during its flight. As a pilot you will have to be fully aware of the weather, flight conditions, flight routes and international sky limits. Seeking the approval of the Air Traffic Control before flying and landing, checking the electrical and mechanical functioning of various components of the aircraft and checking the fuel conditions are part of your job. These are some of the information for those who intend to make a career in commercial pilot.

The Captain/Senior Commander makes all the major decisions and is overall responsible for the flight's safety. The First Officer assists the Captain helps the Captain in pre-flight duties like reviewing paperwork and pre-flight checks. A Trainee Pilot goes on to become a Pilot or First officer on board. The first promotion is a Commander or Captain and thereafter a Senior Commander. Students who wish to make a career in commercial pilot need to be aware of this organizational structure.

 If you are planning for a career in commercial pilot, you need to possess the following qualities: 

* A very intelligent person with excellent analytical and reasoning abilities 

* Excellent scientific reasoning and comfortable with scientific facts and figures

* Alert in every situation 

* Able to maintain your cool in times of crisis and even otherwise 

* Quick at taking decisions 

* Excellent leadership qualities 

* Physically fit

Having the above qualities is not enough. You also need to have a commercial pilot license if you want to make a career in commercial pilot.