Sara DhavlaMar 24, 2011
I am very keen on pursuing a post graduate course in Economics in Switzerland. Can you tell me what ...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - There are 12 official higher education establishments in Switzerland (10 cantonal universities and 2 Federal Institutes of Technology) as well as a number of other colleges of higher education.
There are certain universities located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland,some in the French-speaking whereas others in the Italian-speaking..The language of instruction is German/French or Italian accordingly.
Hence depending upon the university that one is going to ,one has to have a knowledge of the language spoken in that part where the university is located.
The Swiss academic degrees are the licentiate or the diploma, and the doctorate (PhD). The licentiate or diploma corresponds to the Master's degree in the Anglo-American system.
The general requirements are Knowledge of the language of instruction,a minimum 18 yrs of age and a good foreign equivalent of the relevant swiss degrees.
As for the entrance exams the criteria for recognition of previous qualifications or partial recognition vary from university to university.

Candidates who hold certificates which are only partly recognized or who are asked by a cantonal university to pass an entrance examination can sit for such an examination in Fribourg (it takes place once a year, in September/October).

Youngbuzz Counselor

Mar 24, 2011

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