Career in Fashion Designer

For making a career in fashion designer, you need to know the various aspects of this job. You will be involved in every phase of designing, exhibiting and producing all types of clothing. You will also choose the right color of the yarn, cut and sew samples, handle trims and buttons, conduct market research and sketch design ideas. You need great business acumen as much as design talent to succeed.
You need to be aware of the various job profiles of this particular job if you wish to make a career in fashion designer. A typical fashion designing house or fashion design department comprises of following people:

Designer - You will design and experiment with ideas in line with the trend. Draw the initial sketches and chart out the details of fabric to be used, colors, threads, buttons and other materials. Co-ordinate the activities of other people in the house or department. Big fashion houses usually have assistant designers to assist the head designers. This information will be of great value for those who wish to make a career in fashion designer.

Junior designer - Puts together the samples. The work involves surveying the market for fabric and other materials and their procurement. Co-ordinates with the cutting assistants and the other production people. Prepares art works and samples for presentation to the prospective buyers and clients. Those who plan to make a career in fashion designer can start their career from this level onwards.

Cutting assistants - You cut sample pieces, alter patterns, assist in the design room and cut the fabrics for the actual production.

Fashion co-coordinators - Your main job is to understand and predict the trends in the market. Co-ordinate between the clients and the designers and look after the production process. If you are good at analyzing  fashion trends  coupled with a fair idea of public relation then you can easily make a career in fashion designer ( fashion co-coordinators)

Fashion Merchandisers - Source the fabrics and materials required for producing the garments. They also help to determine the price of the designed products. 

If you plan to make a career in fashion designer, you need to possess the following qualities:

Talent, vision, determination and ambition will decide your popularity in this difficult, demanding and highly competitive industry.

* You have to constantly keep yourself updated about the current trends and tastes through fashion magazines, newspapers and other media.

* You should be able to communicate your design and vision clearly through sketches, discussion and occasionally samples. A good hand at sketching would be of advantage.

* For street fashion - the kind of clothes available at shops like Cotton World - you don't   necessarily need creative sense. However, if you are working for a reputed fashion house like Ensemble or Melange, you have to create your own lines and that need loads of creativity.

* Communication skills are a must if you want to convince your client about the design.

* Knowledge of different fabrics, dress materials, colors, shapes and patterns will be an added advantage here.
If you have all these qualities then a career in fashion designer is the right career for you.