Career in Historian

If you are serious about making a career in historian, then you need to know that historians are people who identify and study various evidences like artifacts, architectural relics, remnants of monuments and remnants of buildings. They also study and indentify old coins, fossils, ancient books, inscription on stones, rocks, temples, idols of God, metal plates, cave drawings by ancient men, remnants of past civilizations, and records of historical events. They analyze the evidence and draw a conclusion about the events that had occurred in the past.

Students who wish to make a career in historian should also know that  you can also specialize in various occupational areas like Archeology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Archival science, etc.

Archaeologists identify historical site, excavate, study, analyze, interpret, and preserve historical remains of the ancient civilizations and remnants of the past and develop detailed profiles of past civilisations. If you plan a career in historian, you need to know that historians tell us how people lived in the past, technology used by them, their culture, their food habits, the utensils used by the people, the clothes and accessories used by them, their societies, and other relevant facts.


Numismatistsanalyze the coins recovered from archeological ruins. Rulers of the past used to produce coins bearing inscription. Inscription of many types are found.

Epigraphistsare also involved in study of inscriptions but they specialise in inscription on various materials like stone, metal plaques, walls of cave, walls of ancient temples, and monuments other than coin.

Archivistsare concerned with manuscripts and other types of historical records. They study books and other documents of the past, which are excellent sources for finding out the history.

Museologistsare involved with forms and nature of museum collection, restoration of the collection whenever necessary, conservation of the collection, exhibition, and maintenance of museums. Those who intend to make a career in historian should be aware of these facts.

As a historian, you will mainly work in academic environment as researcher. Jobs in museums and historical survey organizations are very few. As a researcher, you will be involved in study and research. There are scopes for field trips also if you are an archeologist, numismatist, or epigraphist.

If you are an archeologist, you may have to live in unfriendly and foreign environment for some time in excavation work or field trips. Often archeological excavation or related work is carried out in places far away from city or even villages.

Requirements for making a career in historian

History is mainly an academic career and as in other such careers, you will be involved in studies throughout your life. So you must have a keen interest in studies and of course in History. You should have an academic orientation and be prepared to acquire higher qualifications.

Those interested in planning a career in historian should also know that historians should have good written communication skills. You should have an excellent memory to remember facts and dates.

Academic qualification wise, you will need at least an MA in History/Archeology/related area or a post graduate diploma in Archeology to get an entry-level job in History related fields. You can also get an entry-level job in teaching with your MA degree.

You can easily make a career in historian if the above features sound interesting to you.