Career in Lawyer

For making a career in lawyer, you need to know that apart from being a lawyer, you can also become a solicitor, advocate or a legal executive. A lawyer can also become a judge after years of experience. 

Being a lawyer isn't only about talking and debating. You have to continuously read to keep yourself up-to-dated with the latest happenings the world over. If you are planning to make a career in lawyer, you should be aware of the fact that apart from legal knowledge, you should be capable of quick thinking and logical reasoning, both rounded off with a thick finishing coat of self-confidence and excellent communication skills. 

Solicitors only prepare the paper work while an advocate represents the case before the judge. A legal executive works for a corporate firm and acts on behalf of the firm. Those who wish to make a career in lawyer should be aware of this.

Apart from these activities, lawyers also check contracts between parties, corporate or individual, advice on transfer of technology law, corporate mergers and acquisitions, oversee statutory adherence, legal compliance, etc. They handle matters related to property, insurance, taxation, contract, and so on.

Requirements for career in lawyer:

An ability to see through the surface into the deep waters, however murky, to get at the truth is called for. As a lawyer, you need to defend your client to the hilt; provided that you are absolutely convinced your client is innocent. Further studies, ability to handle more than one case at a time and constant reading are imperative in this field. 

You also need the following qualities:

• Gift of the gab 

• Good reasoning 

• Analytical thinking 

• Ability to concentrate 

• Patience 

• Perseverance and ability to discuss matters with all types of people 

• Self-confidence 

• Good communication skills 

• Good voice 

• Diplomatic and discreet 

• Awareness about national and international affairs 

• Reading habit 

• Pragmatic

 If you possess all these qualities, you can enjoy a good career in lawyer.

On the educational front, there are two possibilities: you can either do a five-year course after HSC or a three-year post-graduate course which is open to graduates, immaterial of their previous academic background, provided they clear the entrance examination of the institution. However, as a lawyer, you can even opt do your BSL degree (Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences) after completion of the five-year course. 

 Graduates in any field are also eligible for a two-year Masters Degree course in Labour Welfare. There are even one-year diploma options in DTL (Diploma in Taxation laws). Graduates in any streams are eligible for this course. 

If you wish to plan a career in lawyer, it is important to note that to be eligible to practice at the Bar you ought to have completed the three or five-year courses. In addition, another year of internship is required for which you have to register with the Honorary Secretary, Bar Council of the state where you reside.

If you are interested in all the above-mentioned information, then a career in lawyer is the right career option for you.