Career in Librarian

Those who intend to plan a career in librarian should be aware of the various roles and duties that a librarian performs. If you become a librarian, you will maintain records of all the resources and track their movement. Besides this, you will find out the user's needs, the latest resources available in the market and go about getting them for your library. You will also be managing the day-to-day functioning of the library, supervising others under you and ensuring that the facilities are up to the mark. Those making a career in librarian will find this this information very valuable.

Those who are interested in a bit of ‘trivia’ related to career in librarian. Library is related to printed books and the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg in around 1439 meant that books could be mass-produced and since then they have been the main medium of passing on knowledge and wisdom. If you want to help people discover the joy of books come, make a career in librarian

Books, books and more books! In a library you will be surrounded by nothing else but books periodicals, journals, magazines, newspapers, microfilms, audio and videotapes and even multimedia CD- ROMS. If you have chosen a career in librarian, your job would be ensuring that all these materials are arranged in a logical manner so that they can be accessed conveniently.

 Requirements for a career in librarian

A love for reading is highly desirable. You also need to have good communication skills, be detail oriented, neat, and organised and have a pleasing personality. Your job would involve constantly helping people get what they want and solving their problems. You therefore need to be patient and helpful in nature. If you possess these qualities then a career in librarian is the right career choice for you.

 Various educational institutions both in India and abroad offer certificate, diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses in library science. In the undergraduate programme, you will learn subjects such as literature, cataloguing, bibliography, documentation, computer applications, research methodology, preservation and maintenance of manuscripts etc.

The Master's programme involves topics like data processing, indexing, and management of information centres, archives and library planning. This includes topics such as architecture and furnishing. So it's no walk in the park people.

Does the above-mentioned information sound interesting to you? If so, a career in librarian is the right career option for you.