Career in Merchant Navy

If a career in merchant navy is what you wish to opt for, you should be aware of this job profile properly. The Merchant Navy comprises of passenger vessels, cargo vessels, liners, ore carriers and other types of specialized ships. These ships are operated by private sector shipping companies and manned by trained navigators, Marine Engineers and crew. Merchant Navy fleet consists of cargo ships, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerator ships, and passenger ships. If you intend to make a career in  merchant navy, this information will be of great value for you.

Mate/Navigating Officer: As a Navigating Officer, you will act like a pilot (in this case a ship) and help the ship navigate its way through the rough, handle loading/unloading of cargo and ensure safe operation of the ship. 

Marine Engineer: If you want to make a career in merchant navy and even have inclinations towards mechanical engineering, you can become a marine engineer. You'll handle the technical side of the ship - engine and all the electrical, mechanical and electronic equipments. Maintenance of the ship in tip-top condition is your forte. 

Service department: This department manages the kitchen, laundry, housekeeping, medical and other services. 

Your career in merchant navy will start as a deck cadet (the lowest order in the hierarchy). You'll do just about everything from deck maintenance, looking after ship equipment, cargo handling to ship handling (docking, undocking and maneuvering)

If you get through this, you'll be promoted to the post of Third Officer or Safety Officer. You'll be in charge of safety procedures and the ship's equipments. You are followed by Second Mate, someone who overseas navigation of the vessel and stationery.

If you reach the post of the Chief officer/First officer, you'll will be second in command to the master and supervise the Third and Second Officers. You'll also look after the cargo. If you reach the post of Captain, you have finally made it. You are the boss now. Your career in merchant navy will reach its height and you will enjoy it to the utmost during this stage.

Promotions and better salaries depend on clearing the requisite competency exams conducted by the Ministry of Surface Transport through DGS. 

On the other hand, in the engineering side, your career will start as the Fifth Engineer, and thereafter Fourth Engineer, Third Engineer and finally the Chief Engineer.

Requirements for a career in merchant navy:

* Love adventure

* Have willingness to travel

* Have strong leadership abilities

* Presence of mind 

* An ability to adapt to different situations/environment/people

* Be very hard working - your working hours may be all 24 hours! 

 If you have all the above-mentioned qualities, then a career in merchant navy will be the right career choice for you.