Career in Nurse

For making a career in nurse, you need to know that the fundamental responsibility of a nurse is to conserve life, alleviate suffering and promote health. Nurses are the most important component of patient care, right from the general ward to the operating theatre. In fact, the availability of effective nursing services is an indicator of the health of a country's Medicare systems. Traditionally, this is a women-oriented field. However, off late more and more men are seeking to be nurses

 If you wish to make a career in nurse, you should know the various categories of this career. The various categories of nurses

General Nurses: This is the most popular category in nursing. Nurses here work in hospitals, nursing homes and sanatoriums.

School Nurses: You'll supervise student clinics and check the general health of the children there. As a nurse, you will also detect minor health problems before these develop into disorders that are more serious. Teaching first aid and conducting lectures on health and hygiene will be your area of work.

Industrial Nurses: Work involves providing preventive and other services under the direction of an industrial physician. If you are making a career in nurse ( industrial ), you will also render first aid in case of accidents and emergencies.

Psychiatric Nurses: As a nurse, you will work with emotionally disturbed and mentally handicapped patients to develop their potential. If you are making a career in nurse (psychiatric), you should be aware of the fact that psychiatric nursing is a challenging job.

Midwives: As a midwife, you will look after mothers and children, from early pregnancy until about four weeks after the birth of the baby. Providing advice, support and instruction to mothers at both pre-natal and post-natal stage is your concern. 

 Requirements for a career in nurse

• Physical stamina to perform your duties (nurses spend a considerable amount of time standing and walking) 

• Emotional stability to cope with human suffering and frequent emergencies 

• Ability to work in shifts 

• Patience 

• Excellent communication skills 

• Ability to motivate people 

• Absolute dedication 

• Empathy 

• Team spirit


Academically, you can have one of the following degree/diplomas to begin your career in nurse.

B.Sc. Nursing 

M.SC. Nursing 

Nursing Diploma 

Certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery 

Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) certificate

Health Worker

If you have all these requirements, you can make a career in nurse