Career Overview of an Event Manager

Be it a birthday party or a marriage reception you are the master organizer- the brain behind these events. Right from arranging yummy chole baturas to flying in flowers straight from Amsterdam, you will be counted upon to handle the works.

If you want to test your organising skills with bigger events like the next Miss India contest, you have to consider a career in Event Management. Who knows you might just land the deal to hold the next Madonna concert in India. Think big!!! So get ready. It's showtime folks!

Event Management is an offshoot of the Advertising/PR Industry. Ever since the advent of satellite television everyone is exposed to mega events being held all over the world simultaneously. Award ceremonies too have become more polished. Car launches are rivaling the derby in terms of glamour. So the demand for individuals specializing in Event Management is on the rise.

As an Event Manager you'll conceptualize an event for your client in terms of theme, content and visualization. You'll also look at the minute details like décor, furnishing, design, caption, visuals, feedback, scripting, invitation cards and also the medium of presentation.

Event Managers organise everything be it marriage reception, trade show, exhibitions, conventions, road shows, product launches, public entertainment shows, concerts, high profile parties, awards functions and even sporting events.

Your job starts at least 2-3 months ahead of the actual date of the event. The amount of work will depend on the magnitude of the event. For instance if you are getting in Britney Spears for a concert in India, you will have to get in touch with Britney, coordinate her dates, book tickets, take care of her accommodation in India, get the requisite legal permissions, select and book the venue, get the sponsors to pay up in time, etc.

The real work happens on the D day when you will have to check the sound, lights, set design, security and the works. Mainly your job would be to work out the actual logistics and co-ordinate between the various parties, generate hype and spread the word around.

Don't take the word hype lightly here. It's the single-most important factor in this business. This industry thrives on hype - the more the better. Basically get anyone and everyone (even those who are not remotely connected to the event) to talk about the event.

Troubleshooting is another important function of an Event Manager, as you never know when things might go wrong. Here, security is the buzzword. A really good event can be marred by poor security. If you are arranging an event for New Years Eve, troublemakers will have to be taken care of. Gatecrashers will spoil a perfectly arranged marriage party. You have to take these things into account when you arrange a big event.
Last but not the least, you have to make sure that all the requisite permissions have been sought. You'll often have to deal with spoilsports like cops. Basically, an event manager's job is to see that all things are taken care of.