Career Overview Of A Software Engineer

In a computer, hardware refers to the information capture, processing, storing, and communicating devices linked together electronically, while software refers to the sets of instructions or programmes which control these hardware devices, so that they can carry out the required operations.

As a Software Engineer, your job begins with researching specific problems and investigating ways in which computers can be programmed to perform certain functions. Then you have to develop software applications customised to the needs and desires of the business or organisation you are catering to.

Software Engineers working for a particular industry are expected to have a certain level of proficiency in the functions of that industry. The nature of the job of a software engineer thus, differs from industry to industry and project to project.

As a Software Engineer, you will be required to first visit the client's office to note the problem. Then you can either work from the comforts of your office or at the client's office. The job involves drawing up a detailed proposal, which includes estimates of time and cost allocations.
Delivering what the brass wants can be quite stressful. Expectations have mushroomed and as soon as the boss knows it can be done he wants it done yesterday. This job calls for long hours.