Career Overview of a System Architect

A System Architect is a person who integrates different business systems strategically to generate object-oriented tasks. The trend these days are to offer complete business solutions to clients.

It's not just software, it's a solution to simplify and automate business processes. Business process re-engineering has taken a strategic dimension these days. Systems are at the core of business process re-engineering. A System Architect helps a client to build up a total business system.

Your job will involve analysing the system needs of your clients, auditing the present system, identifying and building up the system logic, drawing up the system algorithm, developing the system and its maintenance.

You will develop programmes, which integrate various hardware and software systems in a company to generate object oriented tasks. This object oriented task makes computer usage very easy. Yours will be a specialised skill highly in demand.

The trend today is in offering a complete solution to the client vis-à-vis his needs for hardware and software. Your job is to make sure that a complete solution is developed, installed and offered to the client.

So apart from doing just software engineering, you will also identify and source hardware and integrate the hardware with the software. You will sometimes even develop a customised hardware using VLSI (Very Large System Integration) design logic.

Your job will also involve sourcing different technologies to create interfaces among various technologies so that a particular task is done automatically. This means the convergence of various technologies.

You can also develop special expertise in various upcoming areas like e-CRM (electronic customer relationship management), VLSI (Very large system integration), Business Intelligence, etc.


First about your personal attributes:
• Strong analytical and reasoning skills
• Strong numerical ability
• Discreet and clear in your thoughts
• Good communication skills
• Innovative
• Hardworking

Please remember, there are no entry-level jobs in this field. You can only get in only after 5-7 years of software development experience.

The best jobs go to B. E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering/Information Technology/Electronics Engineering/MCA/ M. Sc. in Computer Science.

MBAs with specialisation in Systems/IT also get very good jobs.