Career in Photography

If you are serious about making a career in photography, you need to know that a photographer reveals what the naked eye may have missed. Photographers capture history for posterity. As a photographer, you will take pictures of people, places, objects, and events and try to artistically capture and evoke a mood, feeling, or drama.

Those who are planning to make a career in photography should know that it is an artistic job as you will use your camera much the way an artist uses his brush, as a tool to capture your unique perspective of the world around you.

Photography calls for a great deal of practice in order to master the technical knowledge of light, camera settings, lenses, film, and filters and apply this knowledge creatively. Photographers use a wide variety of lenses and filters designed for close-up, mid-range or long distance photography.

If you wish to make a career in photography, you can choose any one of the options given below:

Press photographer: You will work for newspapers and shoot pictures of the day's events, which will accompany the article in the newspaper the next day. The photographs you shoot are also stored in archives. You could be working for magazines, newspapers and sometimes book publishers (for covers).

Photojournalist:  This is slightly different from press photography as your photographs itself have to tell the whole story. This means that they have to be more precise. Those who are planning to make a career in photography should be aware of this fact.

Technical/Industrial Photographer: For such kind of a career in photography, you will use specialized photographic instruments to photograph industrial equipments to be used in company brochures and other publication.

Commercial Photographers: This type of photography involves taking pictures of merchandise, buildings, machinery, fashion, livestock, and groups of people to be used in advertisements, marketing reports, brochures, catalogues and postcards.

Fashion Photographer: You will take attractive images of fashion products like designer clothes, accessories, etc.

Personal Photographer: Those who wish to plan a career in photography should be aware of the fact that this is the best part of photography. Here, you will hobnob with the best faces in the fashion industry like models and film stars. You will specialize in capturing images of people. You will also work in fashion photography.

Forensic Photographers: Here you will travel with the police to crime scenes to photograph evidence. Adventurous, isn't it?

Are you interested in all the information provided above? If yes, then you can easily make a career in photography.