Career Prospects for a Graphic Designer

Fresher’s must assemble a portfolio to approach companies for work. Unfortunately, despite the great prospects, none of the art institutes teaches computer-based art.
Whom to approach - A graphic designer is almost an indispensable part of any media or web organisation. The primary job of a web designer is to give an attractive look to the site and design the various images and animations that have to be displayed on the web pages.
With websites vying with each other to offer enchanting e-greetings, wallpapers, screensavers and animated pictures to surfers, the dot com companies have come to rely heavily on graphic designers.
In print and television media, and advertising agencies too, a graphic designer is required to draw cartoons, visuals, illustrations, charts, etc. One may also land a job at garment manufacturing firms, publishing houses and film and documentary companies.
Apart from working in a dot com company you can also be employed in newspapers, magazines, television, films, special effects companies, technical publications, advertising agencies, etc.
At a publishing house you will be known as an illustrator and your job will involve providing visual relief to articles where pictures don't help. A typical example would be the design on the front page of Ascent (the employment supplement of the Times of India).
According to graphic designer, Sudarshan Dheer, one of the top graphic designers in India, whose career began in 1955, graphic designing is not a highly profitable profession. "Financial incentive for professional in this field has augmented marginally in comparison to the existing rate of inflation. The number of designers opting to work in the field of multimedia though is on the rise," he says.
Fresher out of college can expect Rs 3000-5000 a month, which goes up to Rs 8000-10,000 after a year.
A seasoned professional with 2-3 years of experience can command a salary of Rs 10-15,000. There are many instances of graphic designers earning more than half a lakh rupees per month.
What's more, there is vast scope for freelance in this profession. Everyone wants to have a presence on the web these days and that makes for a lot of work for web designers.
Initially, the going might be a little tough when you have to depend on friends and acquaintances t o get you work, but once you make a name for yourself then sky's the limit.
In the future , Graphic design will become ever more significant as computer technology becomes more universally available and as more and more companies realise that a definitive, distinctive logo and product design can make an enormous difference.
A graphic designer can work in newspapers, magazines, television, films, special effects companies, technical publications, advertising agencies, web sites, etc.