Career in Social Worker

Students who wish to make a career in social worker should know that as a social worker, you will not be confined to a cubicle for an office. Often you will be on the field, working without a fixed schedule. Talking to people, learning about their problems, organizing programs to train and educate them, lobbying with the statutory authorities to get things done, sensitizing public about social issues by organizing seminars, symposiums, educational programs, etc will be part and parcel of your daily life. 

If you are planning for a career in social worker, you can opt for any of the options given below:

Psychiatric Social Worker: Your area of work will be hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, counseling centers treating people with psychological problems like family maladjustment, depression as the fallout of a broken home, antisocial behavior, addiction, abnormal sexuality, etc. 

Family & Child Welfare Worker: You will specialize in solving family related problems, offer child guidance 

Urban & Rural Community Development Worker:  For a career in social worker in this particular field, you will get a chance to work with national/international NGOs to crusade for development issues such as illiteracy, poverty, lack of drinking water, healthcare, land fertility, communication infrastructure, etc 

Criminology & Correctional Administration Worker:  You will work in institutions like prisons, reformatories, remand homes; crime and delinquency prevention programs, counseling and reforming adult and juvenile offenders and criminals.

 Labor Welfare and Industrial Relations Worker: After all, there is still some hope left for the ones craving for an office set up. Thank the law that says it is mandatory under the purview of labor laws to employ social workers in industries and offices with a large work force. This particular career in social worker requires you to work in an office.

 Gerontologists: This one is for someone with a softer side. Lend your strong shoulders to old and retired people who have nobody to look after them. You can drive their blues away by simply talking to them or better still running day care centers. 

 Environmental Social Workers:  This particular career in social worker will help you get in touch with the real world around you. You will address various environmental issues like air pollution, deforestation, noise pollution, global warming, rehabilitation and so on. 

 Rural Managers: This career in social worker requires you to work in cooperatives, agro industry, NGO and also management streams like marketing, human resource development, finance, information systems, production, rural development, etc., depending on your area of specialization.

If  you are interested in all the above information, then you can plan for a career in social worker.