Career in Teacher

If  you wish to plan a career in teacher, you should know that as a teacher, you will play a vital role in the intellectual and emotional development of children. You will either teach one class of children in several subjects or a special subject to a number of classes. 

Students who intend to make a career in teacher should be aware of the fact that a teacher’s job includes planning, designing, implementing lessons and maintaining classroom discipline. You could work as a schoolteacher, a special education teacher, adult vocational-education trainer or a college professor.

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary School Teachers: If you wish to make a career in teacher in this section, your job will involve introducing children to numbers, language, science and social studies. 

Secondary And Higher Secondary School Teachers: Here you will be involved in imparting more specialized education in many of the same subjects as elementary school teachers

In addition to teaching, you'll prepare lesson plans and report cards, maintain discipline in the classroom, grade assignments and tests, monitor students' progress, meet with administrators and parents, etc. 

Special Education Teachers: Students who intend to make a career in teacher in this section need to know that this is a challenging job as you'll teach children with disabilities such as speech impairments, learning disabilities, mental retardation, emotional development disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, brain injury and other impairments to help them learn and develop to their maximum potential.

College And University Faculty Members: As a lecturer or professor you'll teach more than one course to undergraduate and graduate students. If you choose administrative job your teaching workload will be lighter. 

For a career in teacher, you need the following requirements:

Enter this field only if you have the ability to communicate and interact effectively. Around here, it is essential to be creative, organized, methodical and patient. Students respond better to teachers who are encouraging, empathetic, cheerful and optimistic. 

For nursery and kindergarten, as a Teacher you will need to be a graduate with a certificate/ diploma/degree in nursery training. Preference is given to teachers who are trained for pre-school education.

If you wish to make a career in teacher for primary level (school), you will need to be a graduate or post-graduate with a diploma/degree in teaching/education. You should also have studied in at least one teaching subject during your graduation years.

Secondary and Higher Secondary teachers should have a graduate/post-graduate degree in the subject and a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education). 

As a Teacher, you will should be sensitive, empathetic and able to make decisions about individual students' needs. You also need to have a love for learning and the desire and ability to convey your enthusiasm to students.

A career in teacher is the right career choice for you if you find all these features interesting.