Career Test– Abhishek Nair - (Student) St. Xaviers (Mumbai)

Career Test– Abhishek Nair  - (Student) St. Xaviers (Mumbai)

What to say? What to write? Thanking youngbuzz is like saying thankyou to a family member. I am so glad that i approached youngbuzz while i was waiting for my ssc results. I was a nervous wreck and was very sure that i would be the only one in Mumbai who would not get admission because my marks were the lowest. After my API test when you guys told me, I could be this, this and that...i felt as if i am waking up from some deep slumber? I remember wondering that I may not only get admission but i will also get a chance to choose my career path...you guys are wonderful..and i am not saying anymore thankyous. Coz i know what you will say...as always you will say...” we were just doing our jobs”. Well let me tell you...you guys are doing a world of good...only people like me will understand that....