Career Test – Shilpa Reddy - (Student) Welingkars (Mumbai)

Career Test – Shilpa Reddy  - (Student) Welingkars (Mumbai)

I was so confused. I was confused all along my college days and had completed my B.Sc in silence. Seeing my friends take up biotechnology, medicine and other fields. I should have come to youngbuzz earlier. I was very disappointed with my career path when i came to youngbuzz. But from the day i returned i am confidant. I know what i want. I know i made a small mistake but it can be easily rectified. Youngbuzz counseled me, understood my preferences, made me give a career test....and lo and behold like a magic wand presented 3 options to me. And here i was thinking i had no option....thank you youngbuzz for reinstalling the confidence in me....u guys rock!!!!