Certificate Course in Business Management for Defence Officers
It is clear that in this technology savvy era only knowledge-based employment is possible and generalized experience will not be of helpful. Hence we have designed a challenging learning experience that focuses on real-world problems and solutions providing new knowledge and tools to face challenges in corporate arena.The objectives of this programme are: To familiarize the officers with a new framework i.e. business environment. To orient them towards the management education and management training. To provide the understanding of the conceptual and analytical tools. Providing them skills related to all significant management fields including all technical and behavioral techniques. To help in developing and enhancing the positive mind-set and attitude of participants. To provide them the exposure in different areas of management that is necessary while selecting the second career and also to help them to get the appropriate position in the business world. The focus of the programme would be on all functional aspects of management like operations management marketing strategy human resource management and organizational behavior Information technology and its recent development economics finance and accounting and supply chain management.