Leher BisleriMar 24, 2011
What programs does CIC offer?
Leher Bisleri - I wanted information about the Dual-Degree program offered at the Canadian International College.
Apr 05, 2011

YoungBuzz Counselor - The Dual-Degree Program – The graduate receives a Canadian Degree from Partner Canadian University in this Program (Cape Breton University/ University of Ottawa / University of Windsor), and an
Egyptian Degree from the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt. All students graduating from the CIC (Dual-Degree Program) will earn an accredited Canadian Bachelor’s degree and / or an accredited Egyptian Bachelors’ degree. For detailed information on the program and its application procedure you will find this link very helpful http://www.cic-cairo.com/cic/faq/faq.pdf . You can also contact YoungBuzz Counsellor on 24903015/17/19.


YoungBuzz Counsellor
Apr 06, 2011

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