Fun Facts as an Air Hostess

Coleen Zaffar Hai - Executive Assitant Director (Retired) - Inflight Services shares her experiences.

In the early 60s, we used to fly a number of sardarjis to Canada to work in sawmills and lumber camps. They used to carry just 3 pounds, as that was the money they were allowed to take with them. So they refused to eat anything on the aircraft thinking they might be charged for it. We had to literally explain to them that it was absolutely free.

In fact this is even funnier. One sardarji gentleman who was traveling Delhi - Canada was sitting in his kacchas (short pants). First he refused to eat and had to be told that it was free. Then, I was wondering how he was going to get off at London in his kacchas. But just before landing at London he took out his grey pants, which he had put in between the blankets to keep it flat. I was so amused with him.