confused on what career should i take up after my 12 standard?

You getting confused is completely justifiable with the kind of competition and the myriads of career options available these days. Usually kids of your age go through this dilemma.

But dont worry, these are ways to resolve this.

1) Try and read as much as possible on the career options available. Visit http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/careerprofile  for detailed information on each of the careers their career path,remuneration,benefits,career scope etc.

2) Also try to understand what are your interests, aptitudes and personality using a scientific tool, which gives you an unbiased perspective about what you are like and what careers will suit you.

The kind of confusion that you are in its advisable that you go through the career test, it will be very helpful to you. Log on to http://www.youngbuzz.com/career-assessment/role-assessment-career-counselling for more understanding of how this works and you will get to see a sample report of how your report will look like.