Courses to Do Along With Graduation

Most of you must be all geared up to take on college life. For all those of you going to start you graduation degrees, how about taking up another course alongside? This additional course will not only save you time, but also equip you with professional knowledge by the time you graduate. For all this, who minds a slightly hectic schedule?

Here are few options of job-oriented and certificate courses you can choose from while pursuing your graduation:


With Arts:


Any foreign language

Travel and tourism


Designing courses- Fashion, Interior, Jewellery and so on

Multimedia- Animation, Graphics

Tarot card reading

Radio jockeying

Animal assisted therapy




With Commerce:

Chartered Accountancy

Company Secretaryship

Cost and Works Accountancy

Certified Financial Planner

Certificate in Taxation

NSE/BSE Certificate courses

Actuarial Science


With Science

Hardware Networking

Software Programming 


Although the options for students pursuing a degree in Science are not as many as those available for the other streams, most of the creative courses can be done by students from any stream. In fact, a certification in a different subject might also be useful in the future if you ever want to pursue your creative calling.

However, this is not an exhaustive list. There exists a wide range of courses and programs that you can complete along with your graduation degree, according to your field of study and interest.

If you wish to know more about such courses and their details, contact us and a YoungBuzz counsellor will be glad to help you.