Suparna SahitaMar 09, 2011
how are career prospects for a endocrinologist?
YoungBuzz Counselor -
In India there are 32.7 million people in the age group who suffer from
diabetes. That is just one segment of patients that you will be treating. This
just goes on to show the need for endocrinologists in the country. But so far
the high costs of medical care has meant that the majority of parents have not
been able to afford the kind of super specialty treatment that is required.
However all that is set to change. 

The government has opened up the health insurance sector. So, as more and
more people will be able to bear the cost of specialised Medicare, the more will
be the demand for better healthcare facilities, state of the art equipment,
treatment and specialist doctors.

Without doubt the healthcare industry in India is on the up folks! That is
good news for specialists like endocrinologists. 

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YoungBuzz Counsellor
Mar 10, 2011

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