Fields You May Want To Explore – Careers in these Fields are in Great Demand

Fund Managers & Stock Researchers

 The continued faith and confidence of foreign institutional investors, mutual funds and even individuals have reflected in the rising capital markets. The markets are at an all time high. This has enhanced prospects for brokers, investment and equity analysts. Fund management is one of the hottest professions these days.

IT Professionals

The IT services industry is set to add at least 100,000 new employees in 2006. Although these professionals are easily available in the job market; the industry is finding it difficult to get technical architects, functional ERP professionals, semiconductor design engineers as well as gaming, animation and program management engineers. So go get that skill and you’ll have an added advantage over the rest.

Entertainment Industry / Media

The demand for quality entertainment is at an all time high. Television channels are multiplying. FM radio is back in the race. Event management is catching up. The field of event management is unsaturated, vast and yet unexplored These trends are translating themselves into attractive and well paying jobs in the 15-crore entertainment industry.

Education/ Teaching

Experts predict that over the next ten years the International Education Industry will need 2.2 to 2.4 million teachers. Indian Teaching professionals have a great opportunity in the US as there is a projected shortfall of 700,000 teaching instructors. There is also a great demand for Indian teachers in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman. Apart from Teachers, professors and Lecturers, many other professions are closely connected with the Education Industry.

These include career options as, counselors, teacher assistants, education administrators, librarians, childcare workers, public relations specialists, social workers and athletes, coaches, umpires & related workers.


Linguists study and explore all aspects of ancient and modern languages. They use scientific techniques to work with meanings, sounds, and origins of spoken and written words.

Lexicographers compile definitions into dictionaries.
Etymologists study the origin and evolution of words.
Linguistic anthropologists study the relationships between written and spoken languages and the groups of people who use them, including those from rural cultures in developing nations or modern urban cultures in the West.

Source: careers.stateuniversity.com


Although the biotech industry in India is quite at a nascent stage, there is a vast scope for growth and opportunities. Employment record shows that biotechnology has a great scope in future. Bio-technologists can find careers with pharmaceutical companies, chemical, agriculture and allied industries. They can be employed in the areas of planning, production and management of bio-processing industries. The biotech industry expects to grow by 26% annually with investments close to $227 million in the next couple of years.


This is an emerging area with vast scope and job potential in the near future. A sum of approximately Rs 100 crore has been allocated to various research institutes in the country so far by the Indian government under the scheme— 'S&T Initiatives in Nanotechnology'. Several western countries too have been investing huge sums for research in this field. Though the field is at present in infancy stage, India is making dedicated efforts not to lag behind after starting work in this field.

Gather as much information about the career you choose or the field you wish to enter. Before you narrow down your choices explore different avenues like
• Internet
•  educational magazine
•  career fairs
•  career guidance websites like www.youngbuzz.com
•  talk to people who are engaged in these professions through friends and family to know more about a day in their lives.

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