sachin samantoMay 20, 2013
full information of mba programme
YoungBuzz Counselor - Hello Sachin,
There are types of MBA Program you can select which you think best fit your qualifications and your interests.
Here are types of MBA programs you can consider. You should take a closer look at the following programs so that you can select the best suited for your interests and qualifications. Try to rate how the program can best work for you.
• MBA in Accounting – The programs focus on developing skills on basic financial management for the effective formulation of programs for private businesses, public agencies including non-profit groups. It addresses advance techniques on costing, theory in accounting, corporate taxation issues, budgeting, human resources management, strategic planning, conflict management, among other things related to accounting.
• MBA in Finance – Includes strategic planning in accurate and effective core curriculum relevant to the global marketplace. It also deals with good and sound financial management where people need to understand how good finances work for everyone.
• MBA in Marketing – Discipline and professional managers would always go for MBA in Marketing. The study deals on the many strategies available in the marketing industry as well as learning how to effectively management a business and group of people in the corporate world. With this kind of degree you can also learn the many facets of excellent marketing strategies that work well with lots of marketing professionals.
• MBA in Knowledge and Learning Management – This program deals with knowledge on learning management in relation to the global marketplace. Professionals with this kind of expertise design plans and programs that meet people’s interests.
• Others – The are other MBA programs you should also consider and these include: Criminal Justice, Consulting, e_Business, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Executive, General Management, Global Management, Health Care, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resources, Information Systems, Industrial Management, Media, Non-Profit Government, Organizational, Project Management, Real Estate, etc.

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May 25, 2013

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