Before going for PR one needs to have experience. What can we do before to get that experience?

PR like any other career requires one to have some experience till the time you get into renowned companies or freelance.

Nevertheless, one can start working after one finishes his/her course.

The job opportunities that one can consider are :

* Corporations: working for departments to protect and enhance company's reputation by providing information to the public and special audiences like stockholders etc.

* Non-profit organizations: Trade and environmental organizations, social and cultural groups, hospitals and health agencies also offer jobs to PR professionals. The job often involves fund-raising.

* Entertainment, Sports and Travel: Where you will be concerned with publicity for individuals and promotion of events ranging from football games to motion pictures.

* Government and the military: which will include promotion of political issues, sometimes through lobbying, work with politicians, dissemination of information about government activities to citizens, and distribution of information about the armed forces.

* Education: working with alumni, faculty and administration, students, and the public to promote the school's image, recruit students and raise fund. Secondary schools often have specialists to handle community relations.

* International public relations: where you can utilize your languages skills and your knowledge about other culture too.

Hope this helps.

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