Have you been called a chatter box by people? Then get ready for a life laced with loads of money, fame and glamour.

All this when you are in your early twenties!

A VJ is a Video Jockey. One who hosts music shows on a television channel. In this age of competition and remote controls it is very difficult to retain loyal viewers. Your main responsibility will be to keep millions of viewers glued to the channel. You have to generate a group of loyal viewers who will not move from the channel during the programme. How do you do this?

The success of a music show depends on how interactive it is. So it is your responsibility to interact with the viewers through telephone, email and fax. The more the people want to interact with you, the more successful is your programme. In short you will carry the show on your shoulders.

In fact a few channels are known purely by its VJs. Take Cyrus 'bakra' Broacha or VJ Anusha for instance. They have an amazing fan following and all their shows have high ratings. In fact, no music show can now be stand-alone. The songs have to be peppered with perky conversation, jokes and celebrity appearances among other things, to sustain viewer interest.

Your job is certainly very glamourous. Be prepared to be recognised on the streets! A certain celebrity status goes with the job, once the viewership ratings jump. The flip side, however, throws up long and erratic hours of work and frequent travelling.

As a VJ you will not just play music but also take part in programme planning, research, script writing, selection of songs to be played according to the theme of programme, promotion of the programme or the channel (they work for) in general, attending road shows, and so on.


You don't need to have any specific educational qualification to become a VJ. Of course you got to have good command over English, Hindi and 'Hinglish' which is the language of television today. Not to mention the right accent. This is important, as a video jockey needs to talk a lot.
Candidates with backgrounds in journalism, mass communication and performing arts are likely to enjoy a head start.

Some amount of voice training would definitely help. You need a voice that's clear, pleasant and strong. Needless to say, a well-kept physique in combination with a trendy dress sense is expected of a video jockey.

You will have to keep your ears tuned to the latest in the field of music - all the latest videos and information about music stars and other celebrities.

It helps to have knowledge of more than one regional language. This will come handy while you are on road shows. Basically you need to be creative, bohemian and fun loving.