rashmi tennetiMay 29, 2012
Hello i am a third year engineering student wanting to pursue a career in Business administration et...
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Studyabroad Counselor Studyabroad - Dear Rashmi,

An MA is a masters of arts of which many fields of study can fall under.
These may include, education, liberal arts, fine arts, communication,
history etc. An MBA is particular to business administration, thus, a
masters in business administration (MBA).

An MIM is a Master of International Management. This is considered a
business degree and of equal standing as an MBA. With an MBA a person
selects an area of concentration such as marketing, accounting, health care
administration (or any number of others). With a Master's of Art (MA) the
field of study (speciality) is indicated by the third letter of the

For Example check the following links-

Columbia university-

University of Texas Austin-

University of Utah-

Kindly check them ,further any doubts redg this feel free to contact
Jun 01, 2012

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