Hello, I Wanted to know about the difference between the engineering side and the deck cadet line . As we progress we will becom

First off all deck cadet would require you to get into B.sc Nautical sciences while for engineering you will need to do marine engineering.

Marine engineering is a specialized field of study which deals with the engineering aspects of marine related equipment found on board ships, boats and so forth. Infact it is a very vast subject and there are several related fields of study such as naval architecture which may not directly fall under the purview of marine engineering but act as sister arenas. If you want to have a broad idea about the types of machineries found on board commercial vessels.

Bsc. Nautical Science will lead the candidates to become the Captain of the ship. On successful completion of this pre-sea training, the candidates are eligible to become nautical Deck Cadets on board a ship. The leading international shipping companies are regularly conducting campus interviews for the job placement.

This course consists of six semesters. The B.Sc (Nautical Science) degree will be awarded by the University on the successful completion of Three years duration. After 3 years, the cadets will be joining as the Trainee Cadet Officers on board the ship. They will have to obtain 12 months sea experience. On completion of 12 months sea experience, they will be promoted directly as SECOND OFFICER without any further examinations. With further sea service & exams, they will be promoted to Chief Officer and then becoming Captain of the ship.

The remuneration can range between Rs.50,000 to 2-3 lakhs per month, depending on your experience and skill-set.

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