KavyaJan 27, 2012
Hello, Im in class 11th in Jaipur.my school is affiliated to the CBSE. I have taken commerce with m...
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YoungBuzz Studyabroad Counselor - Dear Kavya,
Ans-1-Study abroad can enhance the value of your degree. While abroad, you can take courses you would never have had the opportunity to take on your home campus. In addition, study abroad gives your language skills such a boost that it is normally quite easy to add a minor in a language or even a second major without having to take many more additional courses after the return to your home campus.

Study abroad gives you the opportunity to break out of your academic routine. Study abroad is likely to be much unlike what you are used to doing as a student. You may become familiar with an entirely new academic system and you will have the chance to take courses not offered on your home campus. It's also a great opportunity to break out the monotony of the routine you follow semester after semester.

Study abroad helps you to learn about yourself. Students who study abroad return home with new ideas and perspectives about themselves and their own culture. The experience abroad often challenges them to reconsider their own beliefs and values. The experience may perhaps strengthen those values or it may cause students to alter or abandon them and embrace new concepts and perceptions. The encounter with other cultures enables students to see their own culture through new eyes.

Study abroad will help you develop skills and give you experiences a classroom setting will never provide. Being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting is scary at first, but it's also exciting. It's an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems. You will encounter situations that are wholly unfamiliar to you and will learn to adapt and respond in effective ways.

Ans 2-I would suggest an BBA over BCOM -
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree imparts basic management and business skills to students. These skills form the foundation of their management careers. In today’s competitive economy, a BBA course trains effective leaders of tomorrow and entrepreneurs. Students sometimes follow up a BBA degree with an MBA. Most of them choose to join the workforce straight after BBA.

Upon graduation a student with a management degree can take many paths. Many management students find entry-level jobs in the areas of
- banking and financial services
- retail
- health care
- government agencies
- service industries
- not-for-profit organizations
- entrepreneurial ventures

Ans 3- For your application procedures kindly check- www.commonapp.org
SAT- www.collegeboard.com
TOEFL- www.toefl.org
For further details on scholarships and additional courses kindly contact our delhi office-
Delhi Office Address - YoungBuzz India Ltd, Plot No: 283, 2nd Floor, Satyaniketan, Near Venkateshwara College, New Delhi - 110021.
Phone - 011 - 24671240/41.
Email - yb@youngbuzz.com
Jan 28, 2012

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