Priyanka Mar 14, 2012
Hello, Sir/ Madam, My name is priyanka. i am 21 year old. Right now i am doing T.Y.Bcom in Y.C....
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Hi Priyanka,

You seem to be doing a lot and I hope you do not stress yourself out. Do not worry about the subsidiaries, just work hard and I am sure you will be fine. Concentrate on one step at a time as this will help you in your concentration.

On completion of your graduation you can look for jobs and work either in the government or private sector. If you want to become a fashion designer then you will have to keep in mind that initially you will have to work hard a lot and make some investments before achieving success in this field. Choose what seems most interesting to you and that will help you in fulfilling your needs.

For now you should concentrate on your studies and work hard to earn your degree.

Hope this helps.
Please get back to us with your feedback and additional queries.
Wish you all the best!
Mar 15, 2012

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