hi, this is about my younger brother. he is right now in 11th std with commerce streem?

Your concern as an elder sister is appreciable!

While you brother needs to make a final career decision, he needs to:

1) Get to know his career options so that he has a variety to choose from.

2) And while he does that also needs to get to know himself in terms of his interests,aptitudes and personality. This will help him make a wiser decision weighing all the pros and cons. You can log on to

The above link will also have a sample report which you and your brother can go through to get an idea as to how his career test report will look like.

Based on his report the YoungBuzz career experts will recommend the top most career options for you brother.

And later on if you wish to you can also come for a on-on-one counseling session to our office.

Hence, you and your brother go through the above links and feel free to write back for further clarifications.

This will surely help him.