Hi, i am Raj Shah.I study in pawar public school in X. Young-buzz recently gave a career counseling in Our School. Mrs.Shubhangi


Chartered Accountants (CAs) are trained to examine, interpret and plan to all types of financial transactions.

Along with the formal education you will need to have :
-Excellent numerical ability and analytical mind to interpret facts and figures correctly.
- Comfort with numbers, though the mathematics involved is only of high school level
- The ability of understand, manipulate and make use of numerical and statistical data.
- A methodical approach to the work, involving logical thinking and attention to detail
- Good communication and organizational skills
- An understanding of, and interest in, business.
- TO work on your own in a team environment with others

You wont be directly related to government but certainly will have to follow the norms laid down by the government. TO start

of your career you will have to get some work-experience by working with a CA firm. Gradullay as you progress and get to know

the nuances of the practice you can start off by your own.

Usually the pay packet depends upon the reputation of the company. With a good, reputed company, starting salaries may range

in Rs. 25,000 - 30,000 per month. With experience the amount may even go higher. For those in private practice, the sky is

the limit.