Kausar MalikMar 13, 2012
Hi, I am Software engineer by profession and currently working in SAP domain. I am planning to le...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Hi Kausar,

There is no harm in learning a new language. In this global age, people who can speak foreign languages have an added advantage when compared to people who can only speak English. Because you will be investing your time, energy and money into this course we would want to know why you want to learn a second language? Do you want to go abroad and work or are you interested in working with MNCs that hire engineers who can speak certain languages as this will help us in assisting you in a much better way?

If you want to go abroad, are there specific countries you would want to go to? In addition, if you want to work with MNCs in India that hire engineers who can speak foreign languages it will be better if you could contact the companies directly to know more about which foreign languages are preferred.

Hope this helps.
Please get back to us with your feedback and additional queries.
Wish you all the best!
Mar 13, 2012

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