hi i live in pune, pursuing foriegn trade in BMCC?

Globalization has resulted in immense scope for foreign trade. And since a lot of MNCs are attracted towards India's liberalized economic policies, there a huge demand for the foreign trade professionals.

Foreign trade professionals are employed in buying houses; export units and the international departments of multinational companies across all levels. There is a great demand for Indian professionals. Besides, there is always good scope for those who desire to launch their own export
units, but they are advised to gain enough experience before going for such a venture. For those desirous of securing government jobs, there are enormous employment opportunities in regulatory bodies like the STC and the MMTC too.

As a trainee, one can start with a salary of Rs.8000-Rs.10000. one can command a higher salary as the experiences raises, Generally MNCs and private companies pay higher.

Hope this help.