mohammad mohsen nourafkanMar 04, 2012
Hi I want continue my study in Canada. I need info regarding computer course in master lik...
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YoungBuzz Studyabroad Counselor - Dear Mohammad,
Masters in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, the two most common flavors in the study of computers.

Though both use of the digital computer as a tool that makes possible much of modern technology and the overlap between the two fields is significant and disciplines study the inner workings of computers and both study hardware as well as software aspects of computer systems they have underlying differences that one should understand before opting for the program.

The two fields have considerable overlap but the basic difference is that computer engineering has a greater focus on the computer hardware and computer science has a greater focus on computer software. Computer science majors follow the Arts and Sciences curriculum while Computer Engineering majors follow an Engineering curriculum.

Computer engineering programs largely developed in engineering departments strong in electrical engineering. Computer Engineering focuses on the practical aspects of development and use of computers and Computer science (CS) is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, including their theory, design, implementation, application, and efficiency.

There are many other options that you can consider. For instance, Animation, IT, Information systems Security, Computer graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Networking etc. The options are many, at this stage all depends on what you are actually interested in.

For Masters in Computer Science in Canada, you can check out universities such as:
1. University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2. Queen's University
3. University of British Columbia
4. Acadia University
Mar 05, 2012

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