shaikh samiuddin shaikh mohammedApr 29, 2012
Hi ! tell me the procedure to study abroad and how much i have to pay to earn such PG knowledge skil...
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Studyabroad Counselor Studyabroad - Dear Shaikh,

Each country has its own requirements, admission procedures, Student Visa
procedures, scholarships criteria and a lot more.

The application process for studying abroad is time consuming and requires
applicants to start preparing well in advance of their anticipated start
date. It is very important to begin the admission process early because in
many cases application deadlines are far in advance of the start of the
semester (sometimes as many as ten months). You also need to allow time for
scheduling any standardized tests needed for admission and then having the
results of these tests sent to schools. There is no uniform world-wide
application system. Each college or university establishes its own unique

The 6 basic steps for applying abroad are:

· Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest

· Request universities for Application forms

· Taking various required tests

· Arranging and preparing Essays and recommendation letters

· Completing and Sending Application forms along with required

· Reporting various test scores to the universities

As a counselor, I will need more input from you regarding the preferred
country/destination such as UK, USA, Canada so that I can guide you

Also, please elaborate your academic profile details, GPA scores, Tests
scores such asGRE,GMAT,IELTS/TOEFL etc, your desired program, college/
university (if you have shortlisted for yourself or would like to know
about), country so that I can guide you accordingly.

All The Best!!!
May 02, 2012

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