Hi there, i am interested in pursuing my mba overseas.

Hi Ronak,

It would be great to know more about you-what are you currently doing? what background do you have?

Nevertheless, while studying abroad can be overwhelming due to the newness in the culture and separation from family & friends, it can be equally adventurous to explore a new place and explore yourself in terms of independence,decision making, and management skills.

Ronak, while you have decided on MBA its very important to understand which specialisation, what course (PG/Degree,full-time/part-time) etc.

The decision to narrow down on the country & university can be left up to us, we can help you zero down on that during the counseling session.Not only this but we can also get you all prepared for GMAT too.

Before you take any steps towards this goal, you cant miss on some important stuff on

At this point in time its advisable that you go through the link above.Write back to us for further queries.